Joint Initiative with Talisman Colombia

CWC Group is proudly supporting the educational sector of Colombia by inviting leading universities to participate and share opinions with government and operators in order to develop more engineering programmes. The need for Colombian professionals in areas like o‑shore, LNG, crude oil recovery and unconventionals is becoming very important for the sustainable development of the country’s economy, and therefore more universities are being urged to open related academic programmes.

Talisman Colombia has partnered with CWC to drive these efforts forward in Colombia. In 2015 we launched a contest with students from major universities to develop essays on current energy topics. The winners were granted an opportunity to attend the conference and exhibition in Cartagena, learn further about the industry and network with current oil operators.

Comunidad Zenu Joint Initiative with Fundación Gente Ecopetrol

Comunidad Zenu consists of 125 families which have been inhabiting the area for the last 14 years. CWC Group and Fundación Gente Ecopetrol are working together to support the educational development of the kids from Comunidad Zenu. We have built a Cultural and Educational Centre for the children where they can learn, do their homeworks, play and spend time together.